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FileMaker 12, released in April 2012, introduced a new feature where you can make a FileMaker window behave like a modal or floating dialog. This feature lets you do a lot of what dialog plug-ins can do, although it isn't as convenient to use and doesn't produce dialogs that look like native OS dialogs. Still, it cuts potential users down enough that we don't expect dialog plug-in developers are going to be investing resources in fancy new features for their dialog plug-ins, and we haven't seen anything but bug fixes from other developers since 2010.

Unlike other plug-in developers, we've honestly let our users know since FileMaker 12's release that we also won't be adding new features. We are still updating Dialog Master to address any incompatibilities found with new FileMaker or OS versions. In fact, we've had updates ready on the release date of new software just about every time. So, people are still buying Dialog Master, and we're still supporting it - we just won't be adding much in the way of new features. On the plus side, unless we add new features, bug-fix upgrades will be free for the foreseeable future.
Dialog Master What is it?

Dialog Master is a FileMaker® Pro database plugin that lets you display dialog boxes in FileMaker Pro with unlimited flexibility.

Dialogs lay themselves out so you don't have to spend time dragging text and fields around a FileMaker layout just to provide a place for your users to enter information and click "OK". Users are already used to using dialogs in every other computer program, so a dialog is usually the most comfortable way for a user to enter information.

So simple.

Create a basic dialog with a short, easy function call:

Enter your Name
epDialog( " title='Enter Your Name' ";
"Text"; "Name:";
"Field"; "";
"Button"; "OK"
So powerful.

Create an advanced dialog by simply adding more controls as parameters to the same function call. You don't have to think about moving controls to the next line or tell checkboxes to form neat columns. Just add one control after another:

Advanced Dialog

Dialogs automatically conform to the official Macintosh or Windows User Interface Guidelines so your dialogs look professional.

Take control.

You want more control? You've got it.

  • In the dialog below, we made some text in the first line bold.
  • We told the First Name and Last Name controls to stay on the same line.
  • We set the width of the First Name and Phone fields to 14 characters.
  • The "Last Name:" and "Email:" labels automatically expanded to the same width while their fields automatically expanded to the width of the dialog.
  • We mixed in a multi-line Address field that automatically expanded to the width of the dialog.
  • We set the Gender radio buttons to use two columns.
  • We aligned the Cancel button to the left and made the Find button the default button.
  • With over 80 control and dialog parameters you can change, your options are unlimited.
Take more control of your dialogs

A dialog like the one above can be used to simplify searches. For example, if the user types a phone number, your script can search for that number in Home, Work, Mobile, and Fax FileMaker fields.

Many controls.

Create a secure logon dialog using additional controls like multi-level pop-up menus and password fields:

Authentication Dialog

Text with style.
Text with style Add style to your dialog text with bold, italic, color, fonts, bullets, and so on.

All dialog controls have full Unicode support so any written language can be included.

Dialogs float.
Keyboard ShortcutsDialogs can be set to "float", meaning they remain on screen while the user interacts with FileMaker.
  • Floating dialogs can contain instructions or helpful tips like in the dialog to the right.
  • Add clickable links to open a web browser with more information.
  • Dialogs can be placed on the left, right, top or bottom relative to the FileMaker database or the screen. They can also be set to appear at precise locations.
  • Floating dialogs can be closed from scripts.
  • There's no limit to the number of floating dialogs you can open at the same time.
Buttons launch scripts.
Toolbox In the floating toolbox to the right, we've...
  • reduced dialog margins
  • added stylized header text
  • added a close button to the title bar
  • added line breaks between certain buttons
  • set the last four buttons to resize to the widest button in the set
  • made each button launch a FileMaker script with a different parameter
Easy results.
Unlike in other plugins, there's no need to ask for results from "field number 5" or "checkbox number 10". Using numbered controls forces you to update the number of every control that comes after a new control you've added, and the numbers get confusing.

Instead, Dialog Master lets you get results using a control's caption or label. You can also assign your own name to a control or even assign results to 2empowerFM variables.
Display-scaling aware.
DPI ComparisonMany dialog plugins glitch when a Windows user increases screen scaling (DPI) to make the fonts and controls on their screen larger. Dialog Master won't cut off text or display labels off-center like the other guys.
Choose your layout.
Size ComparisonBy default, dialogs look like standard Macintosh or Windows native dialogs. However, you may also choose to use a Windows-like layout on Macintosh that uses fonts and controls almost identical in size to a Windows native dialog.
Show your progress.
Progress BarThere's even a special progress bar dialog available to show the user how long a task will take.

The dialog does its own time estimate, grows taller to fit whatever text you ask it to display, and includes a button to cancel the task.

Try for free.

With infinite flexibility, Dialog Master is the most versatile dialog tool available for FileMaker, yet you'll be surprised how easy it is to make the basic dialogs you'll use every day. Give it a try - free for 30 days.

System Requirements
  • FileMaker Pro 14 through 20.3
  • Windows 2000 through Windows 11
  • Macintosh OS X 10.9 (Mavericks) through macOS 14 (Sonoma), Intel or Apple Silicon (M1, M2, and future) processor
  • FileMaker 13 and earlier on OS X 10.8 and earlier were last supported in 2empowerFM Family v2.65

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