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Windows Gap_Filler Can Run Scripts Later and Does More with Regular Expressions

May 2, 2008

Release notes for v1.258 for Windows

  • Added "runWhen" option to ScriptQueue
  • GF_RegExReplace now accepts a "replaceAllMatches" parameter that defaults to "Y" (yes).
  • Fixed the fact that searching in scripts with "Use RegEx" unchecked would sometimes only find the first match over and over.
  • A menu with no default value assigned will no longer default to 100 pixels wide but to the width of the longest value in the menu.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur if you press Evaluate after switching back to FM from another app without first clicking the field you want to evaluate.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur if you pass too few parameters to GF_RegExMatch or GF_RegExReplace
  • Fixed a read past end of buffer error occuring after the weekly usage report.
  • Changed a number of functions to pop up an error message if you pass them the wrong number of parameters instead of just returning "?" in FM9