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Developer Assistant Gets New, Easier Interface

December 27, 2009

With a new interface, Developer Assistant 1.5 makes searching in FileMaker scripts, fields, tables, and lists even easier.

* As you move between FileMaker windows, the floating assistant window changes to reflect what is searchable.

* Searching in the "Manage Scripts" window will open individual scripts and highlight lines that match your search term.

* Searching in the "Manage Database" window will find text in places you can't see by looking at the lists of fields or tables.

* Searching in lists containing columns now finds text in any column instead of just the first column.

* Complex searches are a snap with new case sensitivity and regular expressions.

Developer Assistant is also great for instantly evaluating any FileMaker calculation you highlight with your mouse and for moving groups of lines up and down in large lists.

Developer Assistant is a must-have tool for any serious FileMaker Developer. To learn more, visit developer.dracoventions.com.

By the way, many of our plug-ins are now compatible with FileMaker Server. We've also removed the EULA dialog, improved the look of Dialogs Unlimited, and made Script Scheduler FREE.