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2empowerFM Keyboard Commander Can Press Keys or Link Hotkeys to Scripts or Variables

July 19, 2009

2empowerFM Keyboard Commander is now available. Get hundreds of handwritten names entered more quickly than with mouse clicks by using Alt-N to launch your New Person script, Enter to commit the person, or Escape to cancel.

Unlike FM Advanced Custom Menu keyboard shortcuts, you aren't limited to control-key combinations and you can even override FileMaker's default response to keys like Ctrl-N on a per-layout basis.

There's no need to create small scripts for each hotkey - Keyboard Commander can set a variable and continue the script you left paused.

Help confused users get out of Preview mode by having Keyboard Commander press Alt-L (layout mode) when the user clicks anywhere or types anything.

Keyboard Commander can also press keys to activate menu items from your script that can't otherwise be activated in earlier FileMaker versions.

About the 2empowerFM Plugin Suite
Developed for internal use at The Children's Nature Institute in 2006, this suite of FileMaker plugins is well-tested, saves development time, automates repetitive tasks, and creates an easier user interface for staff. Now with full-time development and support, and packed with no-nonsense, real-world features, see how our plugins can empower your FileMaker solutions.

* Search to find a string in the Script Manager or Define Database windows
* Create Dialogs with unlimited controls: buttons, stylized text, menus, and more
* Use global or per-layout hotkeys to start or resume scripts
* Draw on your layout to create conditional buttons, hints in empty fields, tabs, and more
* Show record type or warning conditions by re-coloring parts of your layouts
* Print "hands free" with scriptable printer selection and control of options
* Pop-up multi-level menus anywhere - use them to replace rows of buttons
* Regular expression search and replace in strings with advanced Perl-compatible syntax
...and much more.

For more information, visit www.dracoventions.com/products/2empowerFM