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Dialogs Unlimited 2nd Beta is Released

July 15, 2010

Release notes for v1.92 Beta

  • Dialogs Unlimited:
    • Added epDialogResult function. Removed the $dialogButtonPressed system variable.
    • For all control types that expand to the width of the dialog (such as multi-line text and field controls), the rightmost control that has no width assigned will now be the one to widen instead of the leftmost control on a particular line of controls.
    • The rightmost single-line field or password on each line that has no width assigned will now expand to the width of the dialog.
    • Multi-line text controls now wrap text to fit within the width of the dialog (at a minimum of 400 pixels wide), then narrow to the length of their longest line if appropriate. This sometimes eliminates white space to the right of a block of text and may result in a narrower dialog if other controls are not pushing it wider.
    • Multi-line fields and text with a vertical scrollbar no longer expand to 400 wide in the absense of other controls that widen the dialog. The minimum width of these controls increases as the number of lines increases up to a minimum width of 400.
    • You can now prevent the close button in the title bar from showing up even when no other button is added to close the dialog. This can be useful if you add a button that launches a script where the script decides whether or not to close the dialog.
    • Text shown with a scrollbar no longer begins scrolled to the bottom of the text when certain text is entered.
    • The '"{RTF}" to Text' button will now work when blank characters or a ';' character at the start or end of the "{RTF}" string are accidentally selected or copied to the clipboard.
    • On Macintosh, the progress bar window now always displays a blue progress bar instead of only turning from grey to blue when you click the progress bar window.
    • On Macintosh, fixed a case where placing certain characters in a checkbox or radio button could cause those controls to be too narrow, forcing the last word or the last character to wrap to the next line.
    • On Windows, the "buttonDefault" dialog parameter now highlights the button chosen with a bold or blue outline (depending on Windows version). Pressing Enter in any control that doesn't itself respond to Enter will activate the default button, but if you press Tab to cycle between buttons, pressing Enter now activates the button you have selected instead of the default button.
    • The "buttonDefault" dialog parameter may no longer be set to the name of the close button in the title bar.
    • On Macintosh, fixed a bug that could cause some dialogs to freeze if System Preferences > Keyboard > Full Keyboard Access was set to "All controls" (it is not by default).