Dracoventions News

Fixes and Future Compatibility

February 16, 2012

Release notes

  • Fixed an incompatability in all plug-ins with the new FileMaker 12 that caused mouse clicks in FileMaker layouts to be ignored on Macintosh.
  • Developer Assistant v2.65:
    • Fixed numerous compatability problems with FileMaker 12.
    • On Mac, keyboard hotkeys for Cut, Copy, Paste, and Select All now work in the 2empowerFM Toolbox even when a modal dialog like Define Database is displayed.
    • 2empowerFM Toolbox no longer takes keyboard focus when opened automatically at the same time the first database window is opened.
    • Fixes for rare "Failed to copy data to clipboard" errors on Windows.
    • Fixed inability to search in certain dialogs in FM11 and later on Windows with language set to French and a few other non-English languages.
    • Fixed search getting canceled by the appearance of FileMaker's "Copying X of Y scripts" dialog.
    • Fixed a rare case where the search progress bar was hidden behind the window being searched on Windows.
  • Hands-Free Printer v2.53:
    • Updated to work with changes in Windows Printer dialog in FM12.
    • Now works in FileMaker Runtime solutions built with FileMaker 9 and later.
    • Fixed to work in FileMaker 7.
  • Keyboard and Mouse v2.27:
    • Changed Mac "wait" cursor from hourglass to command-key symbol.
    • Last mouse click is now returned in coordinates that work with values from FileMaker's GetLayoutObjectAttribute function.
  • Dialog Master v2.39:
    • Dialog position is now set using values from FileMaker's GetLayoutObjectAttribute function.
  • Menu Popper v2.18:
    • Menu position is now set using values from FileMaker's GetLayoutObjectAttribute function.
  • SQL Runner v2.53:
    • epSQLResult no longer returns results from epSQLExecute called with "useSQLResult=No" in FM11 and later.
  • Tweak UI v2.17:
    • Fixed tweak sort order window on Windows FM12.