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Sep 22, 2008  Gap_Filler - Now with Mac Hotkeys, Clipboard, and International Support
Gap_Filler is back with more Mac functionality, a developer license, and international support.   Learn more...
Jul 15, 2008  Hotkey and Keyboard Simulation Functions Ported to Macintosh
The migration of hotkey and keyboard simulation features to the Macintosh platform is complete, as is the migration of the progress bar dialog.
Jun 18, 2008  Gap_Filler Makes Clipboard Accessible to Macintosh Users
Macintosh users can now read and write to the clipboard using new functions in Gap_Filler. Anything text-based copied from another program can now be moved from the clipboard into a FileMaker field. This includes scripts and layout items copied from FileMaker.
Jun 18, 2008  Gap_Filler Overhauled to support Unicode in All Functions
To support international languages, extensive work was done to make Gap_Filler support 'Unicode' characters in all its functions.
May 2, 2008  Gap_Filler Beta for Macintosh Adds Pop-up Menus
The Gap_Filler Beta for Macintosh now lets you show multi-level pop-up menus on layouts and in dialog boxes. Support for detecting where the mouse was last clicked now works when the layout is scrolled.   Learn more...
May 2, 2008  Windows Gap_Filler Can Run Scripts Later and Does More with Regular Expressions
The GF_ScriptQueue function can now be set to run scripts at a particular time. GF_RegExReplace has a new option to replace a single match instead of all matches.   Learn more...
Apr 22, 2008  Macintosh Gap_Filler Adds Dialog and Mouse Click Position Support
The ability to show dialog boxes has been ported to the Macintosh (everything except dialog box pop up menus). Another new function can tell you where the mouse was last clicked, allowing images to be used as buttons that do different things depending where the image was clicked.   Learn more...
Mar 22, 2008  Gap_Filler Adds Ability to Run SQL Queries Against FileMaker Data
A new GF_SQLExecute function lets users perform SQL queries on FileMaker tables.   Learn more...
Mar 3, 2008  The First Gap_Filler for Macintosh is Released for Beta Testing
The first Macintosh release for public BETA testing provides support for GF_SQLExecute, GF_Param, GF_Var, GF_RegExMatch, GF_RegExReplace, GF_Hash, GF_ScriptQueue, GF_NumberFormat, GF_MoneyToWords, GF_Version, and GF_LicenseSet.
Feb 11, 2008  Gap_Filler Dialogs Now Supports Vertically-Scrolling Text
This version of Gap_Filler now supports vertically-scrolling text in dialogs and lets you print the values of all Gap_Filler variables in memory.   Learn more...
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